Mer (dragonsnow) wrote in futuremommies,

Questions About Baby Books, and "When Are You Having A Baby?"

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I've seen a post here, so I thought that I'd use some recent experiences to get a conversation going. :-)

Firstly, last week I went ahead and purchased 3 pregnancy books on amazon: The Mayo Clinic Guide; The Mother of All Pregnancy Books; and The Expectant Father (for my hubby, obviously). Hubby thought that I was insane, as we will not be TTC until December of this year, but I figure the better prepared I am ahead of time, the happier and healthier my pregnancy should be. (Barring those unforseen things that I can't control.) Also, I know that The Mother of All Pregnancy Books at least, and maybe the Mayo Clinic guide, have advice for pre-conception, which may come in useful this fall.

Anyone else who plans on TTC this fall/winter/early next year, already prepping with books or such? If so, what are you doing/have you bought, and what do you think so far?

Secondly, on Sunday we went to visit my husband's grandmother and great-aunts in New Jersey, and one of the great-aunts actually rubbed my belly and said, "No baby yet?" !!!!! All three of them kept asking us when we're going to have a baby. I feel like saying to them, and to everyone else who keeps asking us, "None of your damn business, and why do you care so much???" But what we keep saying is that we can't really take care of a baby while hubby is still in school. (He will be a third-year law student this fall.) How is everyone else coping with this? This also started to worry me that when I am obviously very pregnant, that everyone will touch my belly, probably without asking me if they may do so first. Anyone else thinking about that already?
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