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More Questions Than Answers

 So, perhaps I'm truly lame but I could find no 'memories' for this comm. If I'm wrong about this I'd truly appreciate some assistance finding them - I has the lames. Anywhoo, since I didn't find any memories, I've instead gone through TONS of old posts and I've seen my question asked more than once but there's not too much in the way of answers. What I'm looking for is recommendations for books to read BEFORE ttc. Suggestions for couples who are looking to have a natural pregnancy and birth to do during the months preceeding ttc. Like I said I've seen this or a variation of this asked more than once and there have been some helpful suggestions but I'm a total research freak and many of the books recommended are out of print or hard to find. So ladies - what are some of your favorite PRE-conception books currently in print specifically fro granola type mommies? Though I have not directly cross-posted I have asked this question in more than one comm so I apologize to any who see more than one of my posts! Thanks in advance!
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